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Recharge After Long Holidays🔥

April 17th, 2024

Ready to Rock the Work Club Again?👩🏼‍💻

Many of you feel like life is fully charged, bodies re-energized from the long holiday. But if you’re feeling like the spark hasn’t fully returned or still experiencing a bit of sadness or loneliness due to a happiness hangover, NooYoo has 4 easy tips to reignite your fire!

1. Countdown to the next getaway
Now that this round of holidays is over, don’t wait too long to mark your calendar for the next one! 📌 Just this simple act can ignite excitement and add a touch of vigor to work, while also boosting motivation to save some extra cash. 🤑

2. Engage in activities to shake off the dullness
Because doing activities reduces boredom! Whether alone, with friends, or with family, it can help alleviate loneliness. NooYoo has previously recommended interesting workshops, so check them out here! 

3. Get your body fit
After a long break, our bodies may have gotten used to sleeping in. In this case, it’s important to refresh yourself with enough rest before getting back to work. Clear your mind and relax for at least 2 days to prepare your body for the morning rush of work.

4. Shopping therapy is a must
Because shopping is a customizable stress reliever! 🛍️ We choose our favorite malls, select items we love, and find joy in satisfying our desires. This keeps our minds focused on the present activity, helping us forget various stresses. When stress or worries decrease, we can work to our fullest potential.

Let’s destress with shopping therapy! Let’s go! 💸

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