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NOOYOO Special Talk
Oil Khontarat Techatraisorn

This is NooYoo’s first time stepping into the world of the art community. It all began with a simple idea: collaborating with a talented individual to create something truly special, apart from what we usually do. Bringing someone into our fold without muddling the essence of who they are, or who we are, is not that easy. Out of the blue, ‘’ became the center of our discussion. It’s all because the youngest member of our team holds an appreciation for the distinctive art of “Oil” Khontarat Techatraisorn—a cheerful artist whose canvas is alive with grasslands, mountains, and flowers. We were eager to know her more, so we reached out to Oil for a conversation with NooYoo, hoping to know her artistic expression. 

As you get acquainted with her through our feature, you may find yourself quietly enchanted by her work, just as we have been.

Oil Khontarat‘s artistic journey began with a simple wish: to create stickers that carried the imprint of her own vision. Yet, the demands of production required her to produce in bulk, far more than she could use. This led her to sell the remainder at the ‘happening shop’ in the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Her artwork sparked conversations, and that was when the idea of ‘’ started. Over time, ‘’ became a brand that resonates with many.

Oil’s first solo exhibition in 2022 was named ‘Blooming Home,’ a name that instantly brings you joy. Following that, in 2023, ‘’ hosted its inaugural event with a concept of a vibrant museum space where greetings like ‘Hey!’ could be exchanged loudly and freely amongst friends, stepping away from conservative museum norms. And that’s where the name ‘hey! museum: tinybloom’ was given to this exhibition.’ has had the privilege of collaborating with various renowned brands, creating art that graces premium LA ROCHE POSAY tote bags, Minere water bottles, and ‘blooms’ in LAZADA’s events, to name a few. Her stylish and treasured creations have attracted a significant fanbase. It’s also no surprise that just months before the ‘hey! museum’ event, she was honored as a winner of Art & Design at the Thailand Influencer Awards 2023 in the Influencer of the Year category.

After such an extensive introduction, it’s time to read about Oil’s journey through her own words. 🙂

How did you embark on the journey of art?

My artistic journey began in childhood, with crayons in hand, transforming the walls of my home into a canvas. Throughout my school years, from kindergarten to high school, I was an active participant in drawing contests. In university, my focus shifted as I explored various art forms, which led to less drawing. After graduation, I joined an advertising agency as a creative. It was exciting, yet the demanding nature of the job meant constant brainstorming, which became overwhelming. At that time, it was my stylish period, dressed in black and white, emulating the quintessential agency aesthetic. However, over time, I felt a disconnect, an urge to return to authenticity. In search of solace, I found my way back to drawing, a comforting escape that soon became a necessity as I wanted to be surrounded by items created with my own art. This epiphany inspired me to craft items for personal use, which eventually laid the foundation for what is now my brand.

What is your favorite style of art, and is anyone an inspiration?

I appreciate various art styles, and the more I study art history, the more I find myself drawn to different concepts unique to each era. Interestingly, my favorite art styles sometimes don’t align with the artists I admire, haha. If I had to choose, I particularly like the Post-Impressionist movement, pop art, and surrealism. Artists who inspire me include Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, and Salvador Dalí.

Why “”, and what is its concept?

The name is inspired by Picasso’s statement: ‘Give me a museum and I’ll fill it,’ adapted to be catchy. While Picasso’s exact meaning remains unknown, to me, a museum symbolizes a space for artistic expression. Art should not be confined to canvases or galleries; it can exist everywhere. This name advocates for art to be accessible to all, regardless of financial means. Art should be tangible and affordable, not exclusive to the wealthy. integrates art into everyday items such as bags, hats, and scarves, making it accessible and part of everyone’s daily life.

On the first day and now, has anything changed for What’s the future outlook?

Since the beginning, the core idea of remains unchanged, although we’ve gained some perspective and grown a bit. Looking ahead, the goal is for to evolve into a unisex brand without compromising our vibrant colors, floral motifs, or unique style. We aim to redefine perceptions, encouraging those who appreciate feminine items to wear them confidently in their own style, regardless of gender.

Is there anything that would like to do but hasn’t done yet?

We dream of starting a free art school, but we’re not quite ready for it yet. Haha.

As someone who relies on creativity and imagination in your work, have you ever felt stuck without ideas? If so, how do you manage those moments?

There have been times when I couldn’t think of how to approach my work. My long-term solution is to focus on maintaining good physical and mental well-being. When both aspects are in good shape, tackling work and other challenges becomes easier. I also assess myself to identify potential issues before they arise, determining if I’m the right fit for a particular task. However, if I’m truly stuck, I have two go-to solutions:

1. Take a break and stop overthinking. Forcing creativity often leads to subpar results. Clearing my mind, like a computer restart, helps refresh my thinking.
2. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

From school-age girls to working life, and now as an artist, would you like to share some favorite moments from each stage of your life?

School Age—My favorite moments were filled with experimentation and self-discovery. I realized early on that I wasn’t a fan of traditional classroom learning, but the joy came from hands-on experiences, participating in activities, and trying out new things. This trend continued through primary school, secondary school, and university.

Working Age—What I loved most was the unfamiliarity. Starting my career felt like a fresh beginning—a new society, new systems, and many adjustments. I relished not knowing everything, realizing that the world was so big with countless things waiting for me.

Present—My current favorite moments revolve around fulfilling my childhood dreams. As a kid, I aspired to be both an artist and a businessperson who could travel the world. Today, through, I am living out both dreams. We travel for inspiration, create art, and transform it into a business—a full-circle journey that feels like a dream come true.

Did you ever imagine becoming an artist with such a dedicated fanbase? What message would you like to convey to your fans?

Thank you so so much. I say it so often, both verbally and in writing, but I’m really grateful for everyone. Each and every one of you has been incredibly supportive, and I genuinely appreciate it. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of you.

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