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Discover Exciting Workshops for Your Holiday Fun!

March 5th, 2024

Engage in Unique Activities to Enhance Your Break.

🤔 Wondering what to do this holiday? Malls are meh, and home is a bore. How about trying a workshop? Make new friends, learn new skills, and spice up your holiday vibe. Don’t just mark the holidays on your calendar – add a pop of Workshop!

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What workshop should I go? Here we go! 💌

Dive into the world of desserts with this popular workshop! Try DIY cake decorating and surprise your friends or loved ones with your homemade treats. Perfect for a unique gift or a fun day out with friends!

Cr. : pp.bakingstudio

Become a perfume expert in this hands-on class! Create your own signature scent with options like scented candles, perfumed balms, body mists, and scented reeds. Enjoy a laid-back atmosphere, optional beverages, and craft your personalized fragrance.

Cr. : firstaidkiss.houseofscents

Show off your flower-arranging skills at Bunny Bloom BKK! No experience is required – they’ll guide you through the basics. Invite friends for a creative day out, and take home a beautiful bouquet and Polaroid memories.

Cr. : bunny.bloomm

Art lovers, this one’s for you! Relax, eat, drink, and paint on canvas at Paintbar Bangkok. Join a vibrant community and let your creativity flow in this popular art bar.

Cr. : paintbarbangkok

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