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Hypo-allergenic Jewelry for Everyone, Every Day

Every Day Beautiful

Every Day Beautiful

Hypo-allergenic Jewelry for Everyone, Every Day

Why NooYoo Jewelry?

NooYoo offers hypo-allergenic jewelry, customers can wear every day:
Made with high grade materials such as surgical steel,
titanium and 14K gold.


Wide range styles of hypoallergenic and skin friendly jewelry for children to business professionals – with an attractive, collectable packaging concept.


Various design of hypo-allergenic belly jewelry in collectable packaging.


Jewelry for sensitive skin made from surgical steel and titanium.


NooYoo offers a proper care for new piercings. Taking good care is important to help maintain a healthy and clean piercing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our jewelry is made of high grade materials such as surgical steel (316L), gold-plated surgical steel, titanium, and 14k gold. Most stone settings are crystals or cubic zirconia.

Your NooYoo jewelry has a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects. Please keep the receipt to validate your product’s warranty.

Please send us inquiries to

Yes you can: Please visit our WEBSHOP.

For delivery outside Thailand please contact

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