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NooYoo takes piercing to a whole new level of perfection, providing the most advanced piercing technology from the world‘s largest piercing manufacturer.

Best Service

NooYoo provides customers with the best service for ear, nose and belly piercing in a clean, friendly and professional environment.

Upscale yet Accessible

NooYoo offers hypo-allergenic jewelry, customers can wear every day: Made with high grade materials. Our wide range of styles includes jewelry for children and business professionals.

Clean and Safe

NooYoo is passionate about cleanliness, service, quality and selection. Our piercing systems are designed and manufactured in the USA. Piercing products are sterilised in the USA under FDA regulations.

Well Trained Staff

Our staff are friendly, knowledgable and confident. They are there to consult and help you to receive the best piercing experience at NooYoo.

High-quality materials

The NooYoo piercing jewelry collection offers a wide range of contemporary designs for all ages. All NooYoo earrings are made of skin-friendly materials, using surgical steel, titanium and 14k gold.

SURGICAL STEEL: NooYoo piercing jewelry is made of skin-friendly, high-grade 316L-surgical steel.

TITANIUM: Medical titanium is ideal for piercing, At NooYoo we use Grade 23 Titanium (6AL4V-ELI) for piercing jewelry.

14k GOLD: 585/1000 yellow gold. „White gold“ jewelry is Rhodium plated, giving gold jewelry a brilliant, white shine.

Clean, Safe, Painless and Best for Sensitive Skin

Sterile Ear Piercing Jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

NooYoo offers ear, nose and belly piercings. Ear piercings start from 490 – 3,690THB per pair, depending on the style and material. Nose piercings are 890THB and belly piercings cost 1,290THB. Prices include the piercing jewelry and piercing service. 

This is one of the questions we’re being asked the most. With our state-of-the-art instruments, ear piercing is merely a matter of a few seconds. Most people say they only feel the slightest little pinch. With our piercing instrument, you’ll barely notice that your new studs have just been placed in your ear. Even for kids this system is very well suited.

Our piercing jewelry is made from surgical steel, titanium and 14k gold. All packaged in sterile, US-FDA approved cartridges: clean and safe.

No. NooYoo is using a state of the art piercing system that is piercing gently, almost painless, virtually silent, and quick. All our piercing products are sterilized in the USA under FDA regulations and meet or exceed the standards of the FDA and EC.

Taking good care of your new ear piercing is very important. As parents, you’ll carry the responsibility for this or help remind children of their responsibility. Also make sure not to push the earring back along the post towards the ear. It is important that the back is always positioned in the notch of the earring post. Therefore make sure to check its correct position with every aftercare procedure in order to allow for adequate air circulation, thus accelerating the healing process. An earring that sits too tightly can cause an infection.

You are always welcome to come to one of our store locations for a check-up.

Yes you can – but NOT during the first 4 – 6 weeks after piercing. If you go swimming after this period, make sure you do good piercing-after-care.

No. You can eat anything that you would usually eat.

Avoid using cosmetics, lotions, hairspray or other kinds of beauty products around your piercing. But take good care of your new piercing with a piercing after-care lotion.

For earlobes, leave the piercing studs in your ear for at least 6 weeks continuously. For the cartilage area of your ear, leave them in for at least 12 weeks continuously. After 6 weeks (for earlobes) or 12 weeks (for cartilage) you can remove the piercing studs and wear other post-type earrings continuously.

It can take up to 5 months (earlobes) or 12 months (cartilage) until ear piercings are fully healed. Use only post-type earrings during that time. The post should be surgical stainless steel or other hypoallergenic material. In order to avoid allergic reactions or complications.

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