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Beau Nareerat Jirakoonsombat

September, 2020—despite the restart of domestic flights, many commercial airline companies are still waiting in hope for airspace reopening in order to reinitiate full international flight operation. That means that many employees in aviation industry would return to the work they love.

Flying across the continent between Bangkok (Thailand) and Zurich (Switzerland) operated by Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) was always very special. To our great surprise, on one flight the Thai flight attendant was even wearing NooYoo’s earrings!

In recent years, our NooYoo team has been travelling across continents. The flight between Bangkok (Thailand) and Zurich (Switzerland) operated by Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) was always very special. The cabin crew always provided a great service with enthusiasm and kindness. On every SWISS flight, the crew includes cabin crew members based in Thailand, which makes the flight even more special. To our great surprise, on one flight the Thai flight attendant Beau Nareerat Jirakoonsombat was even wearing NooYoo’s earrings!

Beau Nareerat Jirakoonsombat, starting her aviation career as the flight attendant of Swiss International Air Lines, has now been working with the airline for six years as a cabin crew in Airbus A340 and Boeing 777, flying between Thailand, Switzerland, and South Africa.

Given the current situation, while Thailand is in great anticipation of tourists returning to Thailand to reinvigorate a tourism sector, we approached her for a small talk about the experiences as a flight attendant at Swiss International Air Lines.

How did you join Swiss International Air Lines?

Back in 2014, when I have learnt there were job opportunities as cabin crew member for SWISS, I did not hesitate and submitted my application immediately. For the assessment, I did carefully prepare myself, because I knew that those jobs are rare and at that time there were a lot of applications for this job opening. As I didn’t have any previous experience to work above the clouds, I wanted to give my best. 

Do you sometimes face challenges at work?

Working as a cabin crew member each day is different and unpredictable, which is also very positive as the job never becomes a routine. I get the opportunity to meet many interesting people during my flights, either working with colleagues of various nationalities or passengers.  Besides providing a high quality service and experience, our main duty on board is the passenger’s safety. It is important that I follow all given instructions conscientiously. Personally, I try to handle every situation with optimism and take them as a learning experience.

What is your most memorable experience during a flight?

So far, my first flight was the most memorable one. During the flight, we had a medical emergency case that caused an immediate landing. I tried to stay calm as we learnt various scenarios during our cabin crew training. Due to the great teamwork, the situation was under control. Afterwards we heard that the passenger was well, which made me happy. Nevertheless, emergency landings are rare and I have never experienced it again during the last six years.

What is it like to be working with crews with various backgrounds?

My colleagues are very friendly and the working environment is very pleasant. On board we have great teamwork and everyone interacts very friendly with each other. I feel very blessed to be a cabin crew member for SWISS.

Did you take any leisure trips? Where is your most favorite place?

Travelling around the world is the passion most likely for every cabin crew member. Depending on the destination, the length of the layover varies. Therefore, we sometimes don’t have the time to visit all the attractions.  However, we are still able to explore the city and get a glimpse of its culture. My favorite layover is Johannesburg in South Africa. I’m really in love with this place. I had the chance of horseback riding, experience a jungle safari, and see a wide range of wild animals. I even saw the famous Big Five, which was always on my bucket list. I really enjoyed those completely new experiences to the fullest.

I still have my regular holidays. I usually travel with my reduced staff tickets to new destinations. This way of travelling gives me a lot of flexibility, which I personally enjoy. I just have to be lucky to get a seat on the airplane if I decided to travel stand-by.

Any messages to those who want to work as cabin crew member?

If you want to work on board of an airline, you have to be flexible, service-oriented and able to work under pressure. After all, you are responsible for the well-being and safety of the passengers. However, in my opinion, it’s the most beautiful work place in the world after all.