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Cute Animal Earrings

May 5th, 2023

We bring the zoo here, at NooYoo.

We believe that many girls love to collect jewelry and can’t resist adding more to their collection. If you’re an animal lover, we’ve got some adorable animal earrings to recommend. Are you ready to add them to your cart? Let’s go!

ELEPHANT Surgical Steel 390.-/pair

Elephant earrings are a beautiful blend of strength and gentleness, making them a charming addition to your jewelry collection. You can also consider buying them as a unique souvenir for your foreign friends, promoting Thailand’s tourism. It’s a perfect gift that celebrates the country’s cultural richness and natural beauty.

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CRAB with Crystal Surgical Steel 490.-/pair

This adorable little crab earring is perfect for beach trips, diving, or snorkeling – you can wear it without worrying about it turning black. However, please be careful not to lose the crystal. But if it does get damaged, don’t worry! At NooYoo, we offer a 1-year warranty for any damages due to manufacturing defects. Be sure to keep your receipt for your records.

Please note that the warranty we offer covers damages due to manufacturing defects, including any lost crystals. However, if the entire earring goes missing, it is not covered by the warranty. We encourage you to take good care of your earrings and keep them in a safe place to avoid misplacing them 😉

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Bee on Flower Surgical Steel 390.-/pair

The bee and flower are the perfect couple, and this earring set features them both! The white flower and bee with yellow and black shiny accents are simply overloaded with cuteness. If you’re a sweet girl who loves adorable jewelry, we highly recommend these earrings.

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TURTLE Surgical Steel 390.-/pair

These turtle earrings not only boast an adorable design, but they also hold significant meaning. In many cultures, the turtle is seen as a symbol of good health, peace, and calmness, while also enhancing one’s money luck and work. So not only will you look cute wearing these earrings, but you’ll also be carrying a positive and meaningful symbol with you wherever you go.

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SWAN Surgical Steel 390.-/pair

The design of the swan speaks for itself – it exudes elegance and sophistication. The earring’s luxurious appearance pairs well with any outfit that calls for a touch of extravagance. Although the earring’s size is quite large, those with larger earlobes will find it suits them well.

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Butterfly Surgical Steel 390.-/pair

Butterfly and crystal make these earrings look like the perfect match! Wearing it for an everyday look or hanging out with friends, it look good for any situation. It also adds a feeling softness to that look.

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