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What to Do at Megabangna?

June 25th, 2024

Eat, Shop, Play-All in One Place.

🌈 Looking for the perfect holiday destination? With the current weather, a trip to the mall for some air conditioning sounds ideal. But where can you eat, shop, and play all in one place? Look no further than “Megabangna.” Although it’s a short drive from Bangkok, you’ll discover a variety of activities that cater to the entire family. Unsure where to begin at Megabangna? Follow our guide! 😉

Mega Foodwalk👩🏻‍🍳
Let’s start with the food zone. There are numerous restaurants and cafes here, whether you’re dining alone, with friends, or with family. From BBQ and shabu-shabu to buffets and desserts—whatever your preference, you’ll find it here. This area has it all covered. After your meal, you can relax and chat in the semi-outdoor area designed like a valley.

Mega Smart Kids 🛝
Looking for a place where your little ones can expend some energy? This zone is perfect for parents. It features enrichment schools, play areas, and spaces for various activities. Mega Harborland for kids is particularly fascinating, offering endless fun that will keep them entertained for hours.

Mega Park 🌳
Discover a hidden green oasis that feels like a small public park! It’s a space where the whole family can relax and exercise. There are activity areas, running tracks, and a fountain. It’s also pet-friendly, so you can bring your dogs and cats for a walk.

NooYoo 🛍️
NooYoo at Megabangna is now open and bigger than ever, just a short distance from our previous location. We offer comprehensive piercing services, including ears, nose, and belly, along with a wide selection of jewelry. Visit us on the 2nd floor near Mega Cineplex!

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