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Got Your Valentine’s Day Dinner Reservation Yet?

February 9th, 2024

Discover the Ideal Restaurants to Impress Your Sweetheart – All Listed Here!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of us are looking for a special dinner place to surprise our sweetheart. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a fabulous solo dinner. The places we’ve selected for you here are suitable for savoring a delightful atmosphere and delicious food on both special and non-special days. Follow us to discover these fantastic spots!


Floor Fuangfah is situated on the ground floor of Hotel Thomas, offering a Thai fusion-style dining experience. Once you enter, you can’t resist capturing the moment with your camera. This restaurant features indoor and outdoor zones in a shady atmosphere surrounded by bougainvillea trees, making it perfect for sipping drinks and enjoying a meal on Valentine’s Day. They also have a special menu for this period!

Cr. : floorfuangfahth

A chill-out restaurant with a warm daytime café atmosphere and a cozy evening bar with dim lights for privacy. The food is delicious, and the drinks are equally impressive. A charming gimmick of the place is that you can draw, write, and color on the table. Reservation is recommended due to limited tables.

Cr. : ricibyricos

Change the atmosphere by heading to the Chao Phraya River. This establishment serves as both a restaurant and a waterfront bar, offering a super-chill atmosphere reminiscent of dining on a yacht at night.

Cr. : siamyachtclub

This French fine-dining restaurant is a popular hangout spot, whether you’re on a date or with a group of friends. The luxurious atmosphere, coupled with live music throughout the night, makes it a must-visit. You can sit without getting bored until the shop closes.

Cr. : mr.french_bkk

A luxury restaurant on the rooftop of Banyan Tree Hotel, Vertigo offers a 360-degree view of Bangkok. Particularly in the evening, the sky, lights, and starlight create an impressive atmosphere, making it perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Cr. : vertigobangkok

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