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Luck Boost to a Prosperous Chinese New Year

February 6th, 2024

What Activities to Do? Follow us!

Happy Chinese New Year! This is the happiest time for children in Chinese families, eagerly anticipating the joy of receiving red envelopes. Moreover, fortune and popularity are bound to multiply as we enter the Year of the Golden Dragon. NooYoo has some local beliefs to share with you to enhance your luck!

🧧 What should I do during the Chinese New Year period? Let’s find out!

Honor the Gods with Auspicious Food
The concept of auspicious food is rooted in the belief that venerating something with positive significance has the potential to usher only favorable outcomes into one’s life.

Wear Colorful Clothes
It’s Chinese New Year, so put on a red shirt! Wearing colorful clothes or something new is believed to bring good luck throughout the year in Chinese tradition.

Give and Receive Red Envelopes
Everyone eagerly awaits the ‘red envelope’ tradition during Chinese New Year! If you’re lucky enough to get one, remember to say ‘Xin Jia Yu Yi. Xin Ni Hua Xai’— it’s not just polite. It’s a way of blessing the person who gave you the red envelope.

Eat Auspicious Food
On Chinese New Year, dumplings are a must because they look like Chinese money. Eating them is believed to bring wealth and good fortune.

Wear Auspicious Jewelry
Want to increase your luck and popularity this Chinese New Year? Consider adding jewelry with positive meanings to your attire.

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