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Choosing the Right Earring Clasp for You

January 29th, 2024

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Select your favorite earrings and don’t forget to choose the appropriate earring clasp as well. But what exactly is the clasp? Let us show you.

These clasps are commonly found, with almost all NooYoo earrings using this type. They’re simple to wear—just push them onto the other end of the earring post.

– Easy to wear.
– Despite different sizes, all clasps can be used interchangeably with other earrings, serving as a spare part.
– If you lose your earring clasp, you can request a spare part at any NooYoo branch.

– Susceptible to falling off if caught on something.
– Might feel slightly uncomfortable when sleeping on them.
– Using a large clasp may be uncomfortable for multiple piercings in very close proximity.

Ball ends are often used in barbell design earrings. Many people appreciate them for their fashionable appearance and increased comfort when sleeping.

– Less likely for the ends to fall off.
– Offers more comfort during sleep.

– Tricky to wear and remove due to their small size.
– The thread size of one ball might not be compatible with the other barbell.

NooYoo doesn’t sell the earrings with silicone backs, but the customer can request the silicone backs from our staff.

– The plastic clasps are tiny, occupying less space on the earring post, making them suitable for those with thicker earlobes.

– The silicone gets dirty easily, so we recommend replacing them regularly as needed.

Choosing the Right Earrings Clasp at NooYoo!

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