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Is It Time to Switch to New Earrings Yet?

January 23rd, 2024

Grab Our Checklist and See If You’re Ready!

One of our customers’ most frequently asked questions is, “When can I replace my earrings?”

Generally, you can replace earrings with new jewelry 4-6 weeks after piercing for ear lobes and at least 12-16 weeks for cartilage. However, individual activities such as exercising, sweating, or accidentally hitting and scratching the piercings can affect the healing process, potentially extending the recommended healing period.

If you believe it’s time to change to new jewelry, follow our checklist below to ensure it’s safe enough for new earrings. 😊

✅ It has been 4-6 weeks for earlobe piercing or at least 12-16 weeks for cartilage piercing.
✅ The piercing appears clean with no discharge.
✅ No symptoms of swelling, redness, or inflammation.
✅ No pain is experienced.

While the piercing may appear suitable for replacing with new earrings, it may not be fully healed. We recommend continuing to care for and clean the piercing area. Additionally, avoid leaving the holes empty for at least 5 months (for lobes) or at least 8-12 months (for cartilage) to prevent inflammation or the holes closing.

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