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Thick Earlobes? Piercing Without Worry

November 29th, 2023

Finding Earrings that Suite Your Ears.

Our ears are as unique as fingerprint – varying in color, shape, curve, and cleft. When we glance in the mirror, the left and right appear distinctly dissimilar.

Some people have thin earlobes, while others have thick ones. If you have thick earlobes and you’re thinking about getting them pierced, you might wonder, “Can I even get my ears pierced?” The simple answer is, “Yes, you can pierce thick earlobes!” Just make sure to pick earrings that are the right length for your first piercing.

For people with thicker earlobes, choosing extra-long earrings’s a good idea. These earrings have longer posts than regular ones. That extra length gives more room around the piercing, which helps air get in. It helps minimize humidity and potential inflammation.

NooYoo has four styles of extra-long earrings that you can pick from for your piercing. You can still wear these styles even if your earlobes are normal or thin. But remember, because they’re longer, these earrings might stick out more when you wear them.

Regular earrings are usually around 6 – 6.5 mm long. But extra-long earrings are longer, about 7 – 8 mm These longer earrings can be a good choice if you have thicker earlobes.

You can get your thick earlobes pierced at any NooYoo branch.

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