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Earrings for Sensitive Skin?

November 8th, 2023

Discover NooYoo's Selected Materials.

Earrings are a common and simple fashion accessory. However, for people with sensitive skin, it’s essential to pick suitable materials for their earrings. This often leads to the question, “Which earrings should I choose?” Today, we’re here to explore materials ideal for sensitive skin, including those used in NooYoo earrings.

Do you ever wonder if you might be allergic to jewelry? Are you curious about the signs of an allergic reaction? NooYoo has the answers you’re looking for here!

Looking for your first earrings?

NooYoo offers a selection of 3 materials to chosen from.

Medical grade stainless steel
NooYoo jewelry uses grade 316L stainless steel, commonly called medical-grade stainless steel. This material is robust, long-lasting, and contains a nickel content that typically does not cause skin irritation.

In practice, this stainless steel grade is frequently used to create jewelry items meant for prolonged contact with the skin, like earrings, necklaces, and watches. It is not only budget-friendly but also safe. Moreover, it offers a wide range of design options. Consequently, it’s a highly favored choice for individuals with sensitive skin.

This nickel-free material is both durable and lightweight. If you have allergies to certain materials or are highly sensitive to nickel, we suggest trying jewelry crafted from titanium.

14k gold
In terms of its gold purity, 14k gold is equivalent to 58.5% pure gold. NooYoo’s white gold earrings are plated with rhodium on the outermost layer.

14k gold does contain nickel, but the levels fall within the standard tolerance that most individuals with sensitive skin can accept. This makes 14k gold an intriguing choice for those who prefer gold jewelry, especially if they appreciate its aesthetic appeal.

Looking for new earrings?

Have you had your ears pierced or already have them pierced?

All NooYoo earrings are made from materials designed for sensitive skin. We have materials like medical grade stainless steel, titanium, cobalt chromium, and bioplast. You can choose from various earring styles, and you can wear them every day without worrying about irritation.

Our earrings are suitable for everyone!

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