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Is Your Skin Allergic to Accessories?

October 30th, 2023

What Does It Look Like? Let's Find Out!

Jewelry is often considered an essential accessory by many, as it enhance one’s personal style and boosts confidence when socializing and meeting others. However, for individuals with sensitive skin, there arises a concern: which materials should be selected to ensure the jewelry is skin-friendly?

What makes people allergic to jewelry?

While the substance “Nickel” may not be widely recognized by many, it’s important to note that this element is commonly present in numerous fashion accessories, such as belts, watch straps, bracelets, glasses frames, bra clasps, and even certain types of cutlery and kitchenware. Including nickel makes these materials more resistant to corrosion, enhancing their shine, beauty, and overall appeal. However, it’s crucial to be aware that nickel can be an irritant, particularly for those with sensitive skin. This sensitivity can lead to allergic skin rashes, and it can exacerbate these reactions for individuals prone to sweating.

What is it like to have an allergic reaction to jewelry?

When the skin comes into contact with materials that cause allergic reaction, it can become inflamed and irritated, often displaying symptoms like:
– Rashes
– Blisters
– Swollen red
– Itchy
– Burning sensation
– Flakiness

What to do when an allergic reaction occurs?

If you experience these symptoms, you should stop wearing the jewelry immediately and allow the affected area to rest. You can clean the area with a salt saline solution if the area is dirty. However, if the symptoms persist and don’t improve, it’s a good idea to consult a dermatologist.

Stay tuned for our next article to explore suitable accessories for sensitive skin.

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