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What to Wear by Blood Type?

October 16th, 2023

Simple Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Jewelry.

Dressing allows you to express your identity and character; interestingly, some believe that blood type can also indicate your personality too! If this holds true, selecting jewelry that resonates with your identity and aligns with your blood type may enhance your confidence. We have a guide on choosing jewelry based on your blood type.

Type A

People with blood type A value cleanliness as their top priority. They’re careful, confident, and enjoy exploring new things. They might seem tough and often conceal their emotions. For group A women, simple and classy fashion choices best suite their style and individuality.

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Type B

People with blood type B are often described as highly attractive. Their bright, playful, and friendly personalities draw others toward them. These individuals are adventurous and value their freedom, often following their desires and quickly getting bored. People with blood type B take great care in their clothing, paying attention to details that help them stand out and become the center of attention among others.

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Type O

Here comes fashion queen! People with blood type O prioritize their emotions and are known for being easy-going, bright, cheerful, and optimistic. As a result, they often attract those around them. Individuals with blood type O have a natural fashion sense and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

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Type AB

Only 7 out of 100 people have blood type AB, making them rare! AB individuals are often seen as sensitive, complex, and highly imaginative. They excel at understanding others and adapt well to various situations, showing a high level of maturity. Their suitable style leans towards simplicity and stability, avoiding flashy choices.

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Any Blood Type Can Be a Shopper

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