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Choosing the Perfect Gift for Your Bestie

September 29th, 2023

Every Moment is a Gift-Worthy Occasion!

You don’t have to wait for birthdays to give gifts. There are many special times to show love to your best friends throughout the year. A thoughtful gift can make them feel even more special! NooYoo has great and useful gift ideas to suggest.

Happy birthday to my bestie!

Lip balms look basic, but your besties will love it! Beauty is always a priority, and lip balm is suitable for everyone, helping to keep our friends’ lips healthy enough to chat all day and all night!

Recommended items:
Dior Addict Lip Glow 1,600.- Shop now!
Burt’s bee Lip balm 280.- Shop now!
Laneige Lip Glowvy Balm 350.- Shop now!

On birthdays, a cake is a must! NooYoo suggests some exciting shops where you and your bestie can create content together. The cakes not only look fantastic and unique but also taste delicious.

Recommended items:
The Rolling Pinn Starts from 1,450.- Shop now!
Bow cake Starts from 240.- Shop now!
O.hi.o Starts from 400.- Shop now!

Show your deep knowledge of your bestie by choosing jewelry as a gift. With countless designs to pick from, it can be challenging. Consider your friend’s style or if they’re interested in getting their ears pierced, let them celebrate at NooYoo by selecting their own. Your bestie will surely love it!

~ NooYoo has gift boxes and cards available. Ask our staff for assistance ~

Recommended items:
Cubic Zirconia 5mm Star Cut Surgical Steel 890.-/pair Shop now!
Simple Huggies Hoop Surgical Steel 490.-/pair Shop now!
Triangle 3mm CZ Surgical Steel 590.-/pair Shop now!

A pleasant scent can relieve stress and create a relaxing atmosphere. Whether it’s a comforting fragrance or trying different scents for various daily moods, it can make your friend feel refreshed and joyful.

Recommended items:
Everydaykmkm Starts from 690.-  Shop now!
Bath & Body Works Starts from 750.- Shop now!
Summerstuff.marine Starts from 120.- Shop now!

If your friend is a big fan of something, like a celebrity, singer, popular toys, or art collectibles, consider choosing a gift related to their favorite collectible. Your bestie will surely appreciate it!

No matter the day, NooYoo can be a gift for any moment.

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