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24/7 Earrings Wear: Is it Okay?

September 20th, 2023

Is There a Hidden Concern?

Earrings are stylish accessories, and you can change them daily to match your mood and outfits. However, many people prefer a simple style that works for all occasions. NooYoo often receives question such as, ‘Can I wear the earrings I choose continuously?’ which means not taking them off at all.

For basic style, we can respond to this question instantly with ‘Yes, you can!’ You can wear them while showering, swimming, exercising, or even sleeping over at a friend’s house. You can wear them as long as you want. However, taking care of both your ears and the jewelry is still required 😉

Ear Care
Wearing earrings continuously without removing them can accumulate sweat and dust in the piercing holes, resulting in a bad smell. We recommend removing your earrings and cleaning your ears at least once a week, perhaps while you shower.

Earrings Care
Even though earrings can get wet, it doesn’t mean they will clean when you wear them in the shower. On the other hand, they might lose their shine due to soap and shampoo. Crystals held in the place by prongs can easily become loose and fall off.

It is also recommended to remove earrings and clean them properly, periodically, perhaps once every 2 – 4 weeks at least. This will help the earrings shine brightly like new and ensure their long useful life.

Have you read our tips for jewelry cleaning yet? Check this out here!

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