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Get Your Titanium Ear Piercing Studs at NooYoo Today!

September 15th, 2023

Titanium: So Suited for Sensitive Skin.

The iPhone 15 is now available for online pre-order today. The Pro and Pro Max models feature premium materials like ‘Titanium,’ making your mobile device both lightweight and robust. It feels like our old phone is malfunctioning, and our wallets are shaking so hard!

At NooYoo, we are shaking with excitement too. We have ‘Titanium’ piercing studs ready for customers to get pierced daily at NooYoo location – no need to wait!

Titanium. So strong. So light.
So suited for sensitive skin.

Titanium, know for being nickel-free, is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin as nickel is a common cause of skin irritation. This material possesses a natural, understated shine and is lightweight. At NooYoo, our sterile titanium ear piercing studs come in a plain style, making them suitable for everyday wear and any occasion. 

Titanium is an excellent option if your skin is highly sensitive to nickel. We offer a selection of titanium ear piercing studs, with prices staring from 890.-, which includes the piercing service. Find more details about our available options from the article banner above!

~ An iPhone covered with a case may not showcase your style, but your earrings certainly will.~

Ready for a new pair of Titanium?

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