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Enhance Your Body’s Appeal with Belly Piercing

August 28th, 2023

Guidelines and Proper Aftercare Post-Piercing.

Thailand’s tropical climate allows us to enjoy crop tops, baby tees, or uniquely designed swimsuits throughout the year, as much as you like. Belly piercing is a fashion trend that can add charm to our body figure. Having a piece of belly jewelry on your belly can express ourselves very well.

Various belly jewelry designs can help enhance or conceal belly button shapes, especially for those less confident about their appearance. This emphasizes the importance of choosing the right jewelry, which can boost the wearer’s self-assurance.

For girls who are interested in belly piercing, this article will share what you should know before getting pierced and how to take care of it afterward.

Belly piercing at NooYoo

The belly piercing we’re familiar with it typically done using a needle. However, at NooYoo, we use a different piercing process. We use the sterile belly jewelry itself for the piercing procedure. The piercing jewelry is enclosed in a sealed, sterile plastic cartridge. Since it’s disposable, there’s no need to worry about cleanliness. Our piercing process offers the advantage of completing everything in a single step.

Tips for getting your belly piercing

For belly piercing, in addition to  a clean piercing process and high-quality jewelry, the shape of the jewelry matters too. In the first 6 month, it’s best to stick with basic styles for easy care. Avoid large, heavy pieces that might constantly tug your belly button, and be cautions with elaborate fashion design that could be hard to clean. Also, watch out for jewelry with too many dangling parts that might catch on clothes, potentially causing discomfort or soreness late on.

Proper aftercare

Appropriate care is essential to ensure the healing of a belly piercing. As the piercing might take several month, or possibly over a year, to fully heal, it’s important to minimize factors that could lead to inflammation in the pierced area. Taking these precautions is a fundamental step.

Place for piercing
– Reliable shops.
– Clean and safe piercing instruments.
– High-quality sterilized piercing jewelry.

Self-care guidelines:
– Ensure the piercing area remains dry and clean, particularly after showering or washing your hair.
– Avoid touching the piercing unnecessarily.
– Avoid swimming and saunas during the initial piercing phase.
– Avoid frequent jewelry changes if the piercing hasn’t fully healed, as this could lead to inflammation.

Can Alcohol kill germs?

A lot of people are concerned about the cleanliness of their wounds, and alcohol might seems like the solution. However, it’s not advisable to apply alcohol directly to a piercing area or any wound. Alcohol doesn’t aid the healing process; instead, it could worsen the situation by causing damage to the delicate tissues.

The correct method involves using rubbing alcohol to clean around the wound. If the wound is notably dirty, it’s better to use a sterile saline solution for cleaning. And if you notice any abnormal appearance in the wound, along with pain and swelling, it’s recommended to seek medical attention for proper treatment.

NooYoo provides belly piercing at 4 locations: Central Eastville, Silom Complex, Megabangna and Future Park Rangsit.