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Cubic Zirconia: A Budget-Friendly Alternative

August 16th, 2023

Classic CZ earrings from ฿590

Women and diamonds complement each other perfectly. While genuine diamonds may not be affordable, Cubic Zirconia, a synthetic gemstone that closely resembles real diamonds in appearance, offers an elegant and more affordable alternative.

What is CZ?

CZ, also known as Cubic Zirconia or Synthetic Diamonds, is a lab-created gemstone designed to closely resemble natural diamonds. Its brilliant sparkle and clarity are nearly indistinguishable from real diamonds to the naked eye, owing to the high-quality manufacturing process.

The round-cut shape of cubic zirconia is particularly popular due to its compatibility with various fashion styles. At NooYoo, we offer 7 different sizes of cubic zirconia, providing a variety of options to perfectly match your everyday look.

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Cubic Zirconia ( 2-8mm )