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Gift Idea for Mom

August 4th, 2023

Express Your Love Through the Earrings.

Expressing love can be done every day, but saying the word directly to your mom might feel too shy for some. This upcoming Mother’s Day presents the perfect opportunity to overcome that shyness and show your love wholeheartedly. If you’re searching for a gift for this special occasion, consider choosing a piece of jewelry. It’s a thoughtful gesture that will surely be cherished by both the giver and the beloved mom.

BEST MOM Surgical Steel 590.-/pair

The very limited item for this August is a special edition with only 100 pairs available at NooYoo shops. If expressing your love to your mom feels too shy, giving her the ‘BEST MOM’ earrings will convey that she is always the best for you!

*The BEST MOM Limited Edition will launch on August 5th at NooYoo Shops.

Cubic Zirconia 5X5 mm Heart Gold Plated 690.-/pair

Heart-shaped cubic zirconia shines with love. Its classic style allows your mom to wear it with everyday outfits or even on special occasions. It’s another item that she will surely love.

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Inside Heart Surgical Steel 390.-/Pair

The vintage-style earring features a small heart within a big heart, indirectly conveying the message ‘in mom’s heart, there’s you’ and ‘in your heart, there’s mom.’ Wearing them as a couple’s earring is also a wonderful idea!

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Hoop Heart Surgical Steel 990.-/pair

Hoop earrings are a classic and stylish choice, a great way to express love and caring.

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Simple HEART Surgical Steel 390.-/pair

Express your love honestly with these simple heart-shaped earrings for mom. Their easy-to-wear, minimal, and basic style perfectly complements mom’s favorite outfits, whether she’s staying at home or going out. This item is a perfect choice for any occasion!

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We offer a gift box option available at the stores, please feel free to inform our staff.

Let our earrings make this special day even more extraordinary.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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