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Trendy YOU, with NooYoo!

April 5th, 2023

We mix and match some fashion trends with NooYoo’s earrings.

Fashion trends are ever-changing, and the late ’90s to early 2000s fashion revival is in the spotlight. It’s an exciting era to explore, and we’re thrilled to mix and match some styles with NooYoo’s earrings. Stay tuned to see the fantastic outcome unfold!

Y2K Look

Y2K fashion, inspired by the Year 2000s, embraces colors, short tops, mini skirts, low-rise or baggy jeans, platform shoes, bold-framed glasses, and full-sized headphones. Enhance the look with heart-shaped earrings or ear cuffs for added flair. So embrace the nostalgia and rock the Y2K trend!

Recommended Items

  • Ear Cuff CHAIN Surgical Steel 490.-/pc Shop now!
  • Ear Cuff DOUBLE STAR Surgical Steel 390.-/pc Shop now!
  • Earring DOUBLE HEART Surgical Steel 590.-/pair Shop now!

Blazer Look

Blazers are an essential “must-have” item in our wardrobes, as they complement both formal and informal looks. Pairing earrings with a blazer is incredibly easy, as they always make for a perfect match. So whether you opt for a professional or a more casual ensemble, the combination of a blazer and carefully selected earrings will elevate your style with ease.

Recommended Items

  • Earring Cubic Zirconia 5mm Surgical Steel 690.-/pair Shop now!
  • Earring Hanging Triple Crystal Surgical Steel 690.-/pair Shop now!
  • Earring Large CHAIN Surgical Steel 490.-/pair Shop now!

Crop Top

Crop tops are a popular addition to many girls’ closets, offering endless style possibilities. We can pair them with various pants or skirts to create a fashionable look. Consider wearing basic belly jewelry with your crop top to enhance the overall style. This combination adds a touch of flair and complements the trendy aesthetic.

Recommended Items

  • Belly Jewellery Gold PVD 8mm Star CZ Banana Surgical Steel 890.-/pc  Shop now!
  • Belly Jewellery AB Crystal Orbit Ball Banana Surgical Steel 590.-/pc  Shop now!
  • Belly Jewellery Blue Shade Crystal Ball Banana Surgical Steel 590.-/pc  Shop now!

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