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Shop Dee Mee Kuen 2023

January 18th, 2023

Get a tax deduction when shopping at NOOYOO

Request for a full tax invoice from our staff when shopping at NooYoo from Jan 1st – Feb 15th, 2023, to get up to THB 30,000 tax deduction, according to “Shop Dee Mee Kuen 2023” campaign.

A deduction not exceeding THB 30,000 (inclusive of VAT) can be claimed for the purchase of goods or services supported by a paper tax invoice (full form), e-Tax invoice, or e-Receipt.

A further deduction not exceeding THB 10,000 (inclusive of VAT) can be claimed for the purchase of goods or services supported by a e-Tax invoice or e-Receipt.

*NooYoo issues a paper tax invoice only.

A tax deduction cannot be claimed for the purchase of the following goods or services:
1. Purchase of liquor, beer and wine products.
2. Purchase of tobacco products.
3. Purchase of motor vehicles, motorcycles and boats.
4. Purchase of newspapers and magazines.
5. Purchase of e-newspaper and magazine services.
6. Tourism services.
7. Hotel accommodation.
8. Utility, water, electricity, telephone and internet service charges.
9. Service fees paid for services that can be used after February 15th, 2023, e.g. membership fees.
10. Non-life insurance premiums.

More info
– RD CALL CENTER tel. 1161
– TAXBugnoms