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Exclusive Trip to Switzerland for NooYoo 100-month Dedicated Staff 

September 15th, 2022

NooYoo and four of our full-time staff, Patsara Kongnukul, Supathta Promsuwan, Anutchara Wantong, and Tiwaporn Nukoolthum, who have been with us for over 100 months, had a fantastic experience flying across the continent to Switzerland, a dream destination for travelers. Club 100 – the trip’s code name which was also printed on jackets given to our trip members.

With perfect weather the entire trip, we were able to plan our itinerary to several well-known attractions that we had previously only seen on magazine covers and to many more locations in a way that even few Swiss had never experienced. This added a special touch to our journey.

Our 8-day trip in Switzerland started from Zurich, we drove out of the town and went up to Aescher cottage on Ebenalp for a magnificent view. Then we all had a fun lakeside picnic like a local at Gelmersee (Lake Gelmer), following Captain Ri to Iseltwald, a set location of a famous Korean drama called “Crash Landing on You”. We made a snowball on top of Jungfrau, got a close-up view at the Matterhorn from Zermatt, and challenged ourselves to a strenuous hike to Gornergrat summit. After that, we headed south, drove along Simphon pass across the Italian border, then relaxed and unwind by the lakeside at Ascona before going back up to Luzern to visit the well-known Chapel Bridge.

Impression from NooYoo Staff
Patsara Kongnukul
Area Supervisor

Above and beyond the expectation that I would visit Europe once in a lifetime. I appreciate the opportunity that NooYoo has given me. I was blown away by everything we saw. The atmosphere, the view from our hotel windows, each location has its own unique beauty.

We saw a variety of road curves and tunnels while traveling by car. We tasted different local food. We went hiking, which was extremely high and steep. It was much more exhausting than what I had previously experienced as a Territorial Defense student in secondary school, though it is worthwhile. If I was asked to come back here, I would say yes without hesitation.

Jungfrau was my favorite. The 3,454 meters-high mountain with Europe’s highest railway station, I walked through the magnificent exhibition of Jungfraubahn and the Ice Palace. At the end of the walkway, I was able to touch the snow for the first time. It was about  -1 degree celsius which was freezing but, at the same time, was very thrilling.

Thank you, Martin, for taking the time to show us around Switzerland. Thank you NooYoo for the opportunity and experience. Thank you to Mark, our boss’s friend, who looked after us at Gelmersee and Jungfrau. Thank you to everyone on the trip for making this the most memorable trip for me. I hope the rest of my team can have the same experience I did one day.

Supathta Promsuwan
Operation Supervisor

I was excited and overjoyed to learn that I would have the opportunity to visit Switzerland. On my first day in Zurich, I thought it was a charming, unique, and at the same time a strange city. The next day, I rode in the highest cable car to Ebenalp for the first time. Everything around me was fascinating.

I was impressed by everything we saw. But my favorite place is Jungfrau because I’ve never seen snow before. That was very exciting.

Another memorable location was the Matterhorn. Our daily routines are mostly based in Bangkok. So going on a hike was extremely difficult and challenging. We went on a long hike with many steeps and some dangerous routes. Everyone, however, was extremely supportive. So that we were able to see the beautiful Alps and glaciers from the top of the mountain. The moment we reached the summit of Gornergrat was incredible and well worth the effort.

Thank you to NooYoo and Martin for providing us with the opportunity to visit a beautiful country like Switzerland and for looking after us throughout the trip. I hope that others will have the same opportunity.

Anutchara Wantong
Office Supervisor

I never imagined I would have the opportunity to travel outside of Thailand. Not just outside of Thailand, but I was visiting Europe, one of the most beautiful continents in the world. I’m honored and thankful.

Every location in Switzerland appealed to me, amazing scenery, clean city, peaceful people, and enjoyable trip. When we went hiking, I was impressed by the Matterhorn. It was extremely difficult. We looked after each other and proved to ourselves that we could do it! That was a lot of fun.

Another place I enjoy visiting is the Zooom multimedia exhibition on top of Gornergrat, which just opened in 2021. We put on VR glasses and took a virtual paragliding tour of the Matterhorn. That seemed so real.

The trip also gave me more confidence in communicating in English. I feel like I’m less afraid of speaking with foreigners.

Tiwaporn Nukoolthum
Marketing Manager

For the first time, NooYoo gave this fantastic experience to our staff who have been with the company for nearly ten years. Some of us also never travel abroad. That added to the excitement of the journey.

We visited Switzerland in the summer (August 20th – 28th) and were fortunate to have beautiful, perfect weather throughout the trip. So, we were able to visit many famous places and do popular summer activities such as hiking.

Martin, the CEO of NooYoo, became our tour guide, taking us around cities like locals which made the trip even more special. It was obvious that hiking was the main reason Martin invited us to Switzerland in the summer. Our hiking boots were well-worn and performed admirably until the final step. Even though it was the toughest activity of the trip, we all incredibly loved every moment of it.

Switzerland is a country known for its beautiful scenery on every square inch as evidenced by the images in this article. The fact that we could see all of it with our own eyes made the experience even more extraordinary. We all had our best time there.

Martin Gross

It was a pleasure to take a trip through Switzerland with the longest serving and therefore the most loyal employees. With all the activities we had undertaken, it was an exhausting trip with many impressions in a short time. With the best mood and weather – we were very lucky – the week was over quickly.

I am already looking forward to inviting other, long-time employees to Switzerland.